Proba Research is a limited company delivering social science research and advice. The company is wholly owned by the employees. We aim at covering our customers’ need for knowledge and understanding of economic and social developments and the effects of strategies and policies.

About us

Proba Research was established in 1999, the main motivation being the conviction that science-based knowledge is crucial for the success of both private and government institutions. All institutions need external advice for interpreting their environment and for understanding the consequences of various actions. Proba Research will contribute to covering this need by providing high quality analyses based on the social sciences, and with a focus on the clients’ need for knowledge.
Our projects are executed through teamwork, by our employees, in cooperation with other researchers, or with representatives of the clients. We can establish teams ensuring top quality research by utilising an extensive network of other research institutions.

Our competences

All employees in Proba have university degrees in social sciences and extensive experience from research and other positions. We have broad experience from evaluations and other many other types of analyses. Proba has particularly strong competence in analysing labour markets, wage formation, education and welfare policies. Furthermore, our employees have extensive experience with public sector governance, industrial and macroeconomic analysis, and public finance. These competences have also been used in analyses of development assistance.

Proba Research has excellent competence in the use of a broad spectre of methodologies, using both quantitative and qualitative data in our analysis. We specialize in producing interview guides and questionnaires, conducting focus groups and organize large datasets from registries. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with different types of evaluations and cost/benefit analysis.